BLINDSKUNK - Windows7 + iPhone Interent Access (Tethering)

Today my interent connection through my cable company decided to go down, and has now been down for over an hour..
this then remindedm me I have over 5Gbytes of download allowed on my mobile phone each month !

(This article assumes your iPhone is on a plan that support tethering...)

After a few minutes of discovery, I found I was back on the internet and working...

The setup !

Using a standard iPhone desk charger (USB with synch capabilities)

Plugged into your PC and all setup to do usual iTune synching...

Step 1 (Set the phone into Tethered mode)

This can me done by select "SETTINGS" icon Go to iphone settings
Select General iphone General
Select Network iphone Network
Select Interent Tethering
Select USB Only (unless you are using bluetoooth)
{ you will have to figure that out for yourself ! }
Select Interent Tethering
Your Tethering should now be ON ! iphone Tethered
At the top of the page you will see a blue line
indicating the phone is in this mode.
iphone Main screen

Step 2 (The PC Side)

Once the above steps on the iPhone have been done, windows should automatically have installed an
extra network adapter. (you may notice windows notify you of this fact !)

To bring up the Network Adapters simply type "network connections" into the Start Search box

network connections

This will bring up a dialog similar to this....


All you need to do now is, disable the network connection your usual internet is attached too, this is usually the first network connection.

And enable the one with the Apple Mobile Device attached to it...

Thats it !!! - You should now have a fully working internet.

Remember to re-enable the usual network device after you have stopped using your iPhone.
Also remember to be careful not to over use the iphone, as some plans can seriously cost you alot of money if they go over the allowance !!!!

To turn off the iphone Tethering, simply follow the instructions (step1) and turn it OFF instead !