BLINDSKUNK GrandVJ Arkaos Flash Integration

GrandVJ is a Video DJ tool with some powerful features for creating real-time animation and visuals to music, allowing the control of the visuals to be triggered by midi, The benefits of this being that third party controllers can be used as well as 3rd party sequencing tools such as Cubase, to record those midi triggers.

My setup is quite simple and works well :-

Using Cubase to play a "WAV" file of my music, which I can record midi triggers against. These triggers are entered using KORG nan Kontrol and nan Pad. (I have used MidiYoke) as GrandVJ doesn't seem to pass the midi through yet. ( I have re-routed the sound coming out of my sound card to the Line-In, as GrandVJ doesn't seem to be able to sample the internal sound source. (GrandVJ uses this to trigger sound based effects)

All this is running on Windows 7 (64bit) RC1 and work well with no lag at all.

I have recorded the output from GrandVJ with ACA Capture Pro with a screen capture size of 720x480 (24fps).-  this can be encoded in real time with DivX codec (running on mid settings) and a basic Audio compression.

The results are pretty good. I am slowly adding more to YouTube -

I would like to go higher resolution (Full HD 1920x1080) but an external recording medium would be required as the computer is just not capable of moving that sort of data around. As well as running GrandVJ. - As well as expensive Blu-Ray burner and  disks ! (Might leave that for now, as the resulting file sizes are pretty big !)

P.S. - I'm not running a slow computer by the way - { Intel QX6700 (4 core) at 3.2Ghz - 8G RAM - 2 x 8800GTX  Nvidia graphic cards with 4 monitors } - I think the main problems are disk transfer, so a faster set of disks might fix this..I might venture down the path of swapping over my RAID 5 to RAID 0 to gain a disk bandwidth increase at some stage.

I will hopefully add to this section as time goes by - Discoveries so far.......

Flash files should be set to 24 frames a second

Variables that are passed to Flash from GrandVJ

var audiofft1 // - used for 9-level EQ - 1 is low freq, 9 is high
var audiofft2
var audiofft3
var audiofft4
var audiofft5
var audiofft6
var audiofft7
var audiofft8
var audiofft9

var statement //statement - The text as input in the Visual settings

var beattime //beattime - this is 0 or 1 - if a beat is detected?

var audiolow //used for 3-level EQ
var audiomid
var audiohigh

var position //the time in seconds - can be used to synchronize

NEW !!!  - 4 extra parameters disclosed by Arkaos.


Each of these parameter comes from the sliders on the effect panel.
Once these have been assigned to midi (slider or dial) a value of
0 to100 is passed to the flash.