BLINDSKUNK - Hi Media HD800B media player with built in removable SATA HD

I decided to setup this simple page to help those who only speak English and need a little help with this unit..
I will put more information on here when I know it...

I am growing to like this unit, still has a long way to go with regards to features, but plays MKV really well and they are extremely small for their quality...Slowly re-encoiding collection to this format to save space...

I also connect the system through Router to a WD(2T Book World Edition) - not the fastest drive in the world, but great storage...with the 1T drive internally too...

I have currently tested the Unit with a 2Tbyte "Western Digital Caviar Green" - I formatted the drive on a Windows 7 machine using NTFS...this works well..

Copying media files off the PC to the drive all seems to work...
To do the copying I used something like :  "Esata Docking Station" , these are fast and do require your PC to have an Esata connection, they are convenient with hard disks in their raw form...

Immediately I updated the the firmware to (release 28 Jan 2011)
Simply download th4e firmware from :
Copy the file to a USB stick (plug it in and turn the HD800B on) - if this doesnt work, go to the Menu and initiate the Update from there...

As I discover the new one, I will add them here...(These updates are from HiMedia, But install at your own risk...)

More recent Update :  (133Mb) (March 2011)

More recent Update :  (133Mb) (8 April 2011)

DIY User Interface graphics.
You can alter the interface of the HD800B by using the
Creating a folder on the internal HD then pointing the SETUP to this folder allows certain graphics to be altered
Edit the graphics on a Computer and upload them to the folder to change.

Universal Remote Control
I have a Logitec Harmony 785 remote, and this works well with the unit, I initially set the unit to HD500B instead as there isnt currently a listing for the HD800. All works well, with a bit of fiddling...(but only had to change what the buttons did)

If you can read Chineese...more here