BLINDSKUNK Hack - Bescor MP101 Motorised Pan Tilt Head - 360+ Horizontal Hack

After purchasing the Bescor, I already had plans to alter it to allow it to continuously pan in one direction...

It initially goes to a maximum of 340 then starts turning in the other direction...
I wanted it to continue in the same direction continuously.

(this hack will alter the automatic movement in the opposite direction)

Disclaimer : you take the unit apart at your own risk, some of the following
changes will definitely invalidate your warranty ! We are not responsible for
you doing this to your own equipment.

You will need a small Philips (cross-head) screwdriver...its very simple change.

Turn Unit upside down...

Peel of rubber matting carefully

Peel the sticky tape off slowly, so you can reuse..for re-assembly
Unscrew the 3 screws to release the plastic housing

Unscrew the 3 screws to release the metal plate

Turn the metal plate over and remove the screw that holds the
black plastic and contact mechanism for altering direction

Just replace the black plastic, save the metal contact mechanism,
 if you wish to return the unit to its original state.

Remove the 3 screws to remove the contacts plate

Carefully tilt back the circuit board to expose the black plastic

Locate the small protruding piece of plastic. This needs to be removed.

Carefully file or cut it down, smoothing with a piece of sandpaper

Re-assemble everything...

Your Bescor MP101 will now rotate completely in the same direction endlessly !

Enjoy !!!